Ionian Greece


Consisting of seven islands in the Ionian Sea, the Ionian Islands are Corfu, Paxi, Lefkas, Kefallonia, Ithaki, Zakynthos, and Kythira. Kythira is the most available island, especially if you are travelling from Peloponnese to the islands. Among these seven islands, there are many yachts for sale, and if you are looking to buy a yacht in Greece, there really is no more beautiful spot that the Ionian Area.


Lefkas Marina, situated on the island of Lefkas, in the town of Lefkas, is a natural spot for many yacht owners. It is surrounded by crystal blue waters, and as the marina continues to grow, there are more and more places for yacht sales. The area is connected to Athens by a bridge, making it easier than ever to buy a yacht and keep it in Lefkas while living in Athens. Plus, around the island, there is plenty of open water, perfect for trying out your new yacht.

Corfu, while still close to mainland Greece, allows the enthusiastic yachtsman plenty of room to roam, as well as plenty of places to let down his anchor. The Gouvia Marina is ideally situated for accommodating live aboard yachts, and now provides a seaplane services, which links not only the islands together, but also the islands to mainland Greece.


Igoumenitsa has the greatest number of yachts for sale, and lies opposite Corfu across the bay. This port, along with several other ports, is part of the ferry route to Italy. This village and Sagiada to the north are frequented by Corfu yachters on day trips.

Preveza and Aktio have the longest breadth of yacht facilities in the area. The ports are also close to the airports, and the boatyards themselves have a number of yachts for sale, as well as a close relationship with Williams & Smithells, who hold the titles to many of these boats.

Ionian isalnd boats

Another popular region in the Ionian area is the Nidri and Vlicho, just a few kilometers south of Lefkas, with plenty of boatyard room for live aboard patrons, charter boats, and those looking to buy or sell a yacht.