Elan 394 – Sold Glowing 5 Star Testimonial

Sold Elan 394 with both parties and ourselves delighted with the result.  Very happy clients all round.

Hi Mark,

It was very nice to meet you and a pleasure to have you and Jonty working on the sale of our boat. Natalie and myself want to thank you for your work, for being professional and always available despite the time zone adjustments and even taking to us on a weekend!  It was very nice to meet you and a pleasure to have you and Jonty working on the sale of our boat.

We have also left the same review in your UK Google page.

Best regards

Natalie and Alex

Honest, reliable and fast.

When we decided to sell our boat in the Med, us living in the US, we knew we will need an international broker, little we knew that a pandemic will challenge everything.

Mark and Jonty from Williams & Smithells were outstanding from the beginning. They inspected personally our sail boat, did a market research and advised us on a realistic price to put on our beloved yacht, which we appreciated since they have a good understanding of the international market. We felt that the price was good for us and placed our boat correctly in the market.

Although having a big time zone difference, communication was always swift between the potential buyers, Williams & Smithells and us, helping with any question either party had.

As first time sellers and unable to travel to our boat due to the pandemic, Williams & Smithells did a great job finding a buyer, coordinating everything while keeping us informed with progress, keeping in mind that the boat, the broker and us were in three different countries.

The final documents and payment process went smoothly, fast and painless, leaving us with mix feelings of happiness and sadness of selling our yacht, and reassured that we made the right decision on hiring Williams & Smithells and his team to take care of the whole process.

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