Happy Sellers – Najad 361 Testimonial

We felt competence, we felt confidence and we have been confirmed in this.

Captains word is law and the brokers word from Williams and Smithells is also law.

Hello all,

Our testimonial about your good service you can see at file.

Best regards

Gerhard and Michaela

We have had different brokers, when we wanted to sell our boat and so we can give a statement, how we are feeling with the work from Williams and Smithells. We sold our boat in Lefkas. After the first meeting to talk about the prossess, we knew: here we are right.

We felt competence and we felt confidence and we have been confirmed in this.

Every question we have had by e-mail, we got an answer immediately from  Williams and Smithells and you have the feeling the company is working for you and so we can give an honest statement.

We never have had any problems, they are helpful in any case. We sold our sailing boat in a very short time, and to everybody who is asking us we will tell, if you want to sell your boat read this sentences once more and you know this is the right broker to sell your ship.

We are glad.

Sincerely Gerhard and Michaela