Allures 52


Allures Yachting are delighted to announce that the construction of the new Allures 52 has begun. True to the innovative concept behind the success of the shipyard for more than 10 years, the Allures 52 will feature a lifting keel and aluminium hull, for enhanced safety, and a composite deck for performance and comfort.

This new model, developed in collaboration with the team from Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design, has all the traditional strengths of the Allures range, but takes them to an exceptional level.

The second 52 with the ‘new Zen interior’ was launched Easter 2016 shown at the Cannes Boatshow in September.

Hull Length: 16.10 m
LWL: 15.5 m
Beam Overall: 4.60 m
Draft Lift Keel: 1.23 m / 3.10 m
Displacement: 18.53 tons
Ballast Weight: 6.10 tons
Fuel Tank Approx: 750 L
Fresh Water Tanks: 750 L
Rigging: 9/10
Materials: Aluminum/Composite
Total Sail Area: 148m²
Engine: 75 cv (Sail Drive)
Certification CE: Cat A

The Allures 52 is a quality yacht for true long-distance cruising a natural progression from the Allures 51. Marine interiors combining contemporary design with total respect for ergonomics, fluidity, increased living areas, the large storage capacity and ease of maintenance have been particularly well-designed on this new flagship yacht. Designed for long distance cruising, the Allures 52 also focuses on performance with its modern rigging and optimised equipment.

Everyone, whether they are professionals, experts or just passionate sailors dream of a unique and accomplished yacht. With its aluminium hull, the Allures 52 offers maximum strength is easy-to-sail and fast, it is a pleasure to steer and offers unparallelled sensations. Without limits, it is ideally suited for all types of sailing, coastal or ocean-going. Its performance at sea, places the yacht at the top of its category.

The modular design of the Allures 52 means we can adapt to the requirements of every owner. Standard specification has been specified with care and using our specialist knowledge, but each yacht can be fitted out to specific requirements. The aluminium hull of the Allures 52 provides the safety at sea required by all yachtsmen. The mechanical characteristics of this metal offer a much greater resistance than that found in polyester hulls.

The aluminium hull is ten times more resistant to impact and forty times more resistant to tear. A watertight welded bulkhead aft of the sail locker turns all the forward section of the yacht into a true crash-box, ensuring complete safety.

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