Allures 45.9 Featuring Electronic Kara mgmt Technology

Allures 45.9 Featuring Electronic Kara mgmt Technology

Allures 45.9 Experience the first 100% connected yacht!

Startup Kara Technology, well known for its large-format, multi-user touchscreen chart tables, is developing a broader range of solutions to make onboard life easier.

We are very proud that this innovative company has chosen the Allures 45.9 as the test platform for its smart EVA system. The EVA installation makes the Allures 45.9 the first fully-connected sailing yacht. More than 130 onboard sensors gather a comprehensive set of boat status data for immediate display to the user via a screen, tablet or smart watch, and can combine that boat-specific information with external data, such as weather and sea conditions.

Soon, interpretation of all these data will make it possible to offer new services, including decision support, boat handling assistance, berth finding, etc. The test yacht will begin a programme of sea trials next spring, with the twin aims of gathering systematic data on how yachts are used for blue water cruising, and testing the solution in detail before its upcoming market launch.

Visit Allures at the Nautic Boat Show (2-10 december) on the Allures Yachting stand (Hall 1 – G28) to experience this exceptional new yacht that charts the way to the blue water cruising yachts of the future.