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Allures Yachting Boat Models

EXPERIENCE FREEDOM – The passion of ocean-going boat building

We were looking for an ocean-going yacht which would answer a sailor’s legitimate requirements within the limits of a reasonable budget, which is:
– safe in the toughest of conditions,
– high-performance and enjoyable at the wheel,
– adaptable to all moorings,
– comfortable and user-friendly,
– elegant (interior as well as exterior).

Within our budget we soon realized there was hardly any choice available. Day after day we met sailors who had come to the same conclusions: our requirements and our dreams were the same, but there was no yacht yet to fulfill them. So we founded Allures Yachting.

For months prior to reaching the concept of our boats, we had hours of fascinating discussions with a wide range of sailors – some anonymous, others famous – and integrated our own experiences, acquired through thousands of miles over the seas of the world.

Close analysis of all these experiences gave us our key principles:
– aluminum for safety,
– a centerboard for increased freedom,
– GRP superstructure for performance, comfort and elegance.

Along these lines we have been developing a range of sail yachts designed to fulfill all your yearnings. Our range include the Allures new 40.9, 45.9 and the new 51.9. The yard experienced an outstanding growth, with a turnover which almost doubled each and every year during the first six years.

With the take over of Outremer (simple, fast, sea-worthy blue-water catamarans) in 2007 and Garcia (custom aluminium yachts ranging from 50 to 115′) in 2010, our group has reached a leading position in the long distance cruising sailboat industry.