Cruising Leros

Leros is a fairly low island of 53 km2 and 8,000 inhabitants. It has many beautiful beaches and unspoiled villages and a wildly serrated coastline.


There are two marinas hereon the island one each side at the head of the Lakki Bay, and both are close to the town.

Leros Marina is well sheltered and is to starboard as you enter (37° 07.7’N, 26° 51.4’E) offer the majority of felicities one would expect from a mainstream marina including haul out and storage ashore. Lakki Marina is to port (37° 07.8’N, 26° 50.9’E).


Some boats anchor in the basin between Lakki and Leros marinas, and the sea side of the commercial dock.

Good shelter can be found in the anchorage at Lepida on the eastern side of the bay, just north of the naval base.

On the eastern side of the island, (across from Lakki Bay) at Pandeli Bay is a good sheltered harbour as well as an anchorage – good holding in 6-7m.

The anchorage at Partheni, on the northern tip of the island, in the bay to the east by the village, is well sheltered. There is a boatyard here run by Agmar Marine, with a travel lift, which makes this bay not as tranquil as it once was. This yard is conveniently located next to the airstrip.

Xirokampos, at the southern end of the island, also provides good shelter. Some restaurants here have mooring buoys for patrons. No provisioning available. See comments for more details at bottom of page.