Presenting Your Yacht

As full members of ABYA (Association of Brokers & Yacht Agents), Williams and Smithells can help you through the process of selling your boat. If you would like guidance on the international boat sales process, please feel free to contact us.

Presenting Your Yacht for Sale

Be prepared to invest to sell, your yacht will sell quicker.

Presentation is everything after getting the price right. Smart presentable boats with their gear neatly stowed that look clean and smell fresh will always sell quicker instilling confidence into a buyer that you really do maintain her well.

A buyer’s decision is usually made in the first few minutes of arriving on board so it is essential that the right impact is made straight ways.

Remove personal belongings, food, pictures & if practical only leave the boat with the gear that you are happy to include in the sale. If you are leaving anything you intend to keep make sure it is listed as so on the brokerage details.

It you don’t want an item to go with the boat remove it, as seeing something can lead to the thought it is included even if not listed.

Consider instructing a Pre sale survey & you will be surprised how much a nominal investment of approx 0.5% of the boat value will save in the long run. When the offers start to come in there is hard evidence in writing to support the value so your yacht will sell for a higher price.


  • Hull & Topsides & GRP bring the shine back and invest in a professional polish.
  • Coat of antifoul to the hull if ashore.
  • Decks & Teak or GRP & remove any rust streaks or signs, give them a good scrub and brighten.
  • Exterior wood work/ varnish & touch up with a coat or two, get the gloss back.
  • Sails & Remove and store if she is coming ashore, if staying afloat rinse/wash, dry and furl.
  • Spray hood, dodgers, covers bimini & brighten and scrub off any algae or greening of a canvas.
  • Lines & Remove and wash if the yacht is not in use. Store dry.
  • Cockpit & drains, leaves debris.
  • Deck lockers & remove any items or rubbish that is not needed, clean and dry inside, pack neatly.
  • Anchor locker & stow anchor and associated equipment safely and securely.
  • Damaged equipment, old non working parts or spares should be removed.


  • Bilges – clean, dry and leave sweet smelling.
  • Heads – if leaving the yacht flush with fresh water, clean off any scale and marks. Lid down.
  • Holding tanks & empty and flush through, put the bio chems in.
  • Shower – wash down, leave shining and clean.
  • Galley – leave fridge/freezer, clean, dry and vented. No trace of food.
  • Berths – bedding, mattresses, sheets. Stow away or remove completely. If berths are made up leave them properly made and presentable.
  • Saloon area, lockers & de clutter and remove anything that is not wanted, half used.
  • Windows/Hatches & wipe any residue and make sure they are closed properly. Waterproof the seals if needed.
  • Engine Bay – Again first impressions trigger maintenance and servicing. Clean the engine, prep or paint, clean up the tray below, use de-greasing agents, have it serviced or winterised. Change the oil (although keep in mind a buyer may want analysis done).
  • Batteries – keep them charged or disconnect.
  • Maintenance – repairs or on going work should be completed. Don’t leave a job half done.