Corfu Gouvia Greece


corfu_gouviaAfter Lefkas, Corfu is the largest island in the Ionian area, and in close proximity to Lefkas, which makes a great destination for those who love to sale and those looking to buy or sell their boat.

The Gouvia Marina is modern, with room for almost 1000 boats, whether they are yachts, motorboats, or fishing boats.The Mandouki boat yard is well-equipped with plenty of dry docking and storage opportunities. In the area, there is a seaplane service, which has schedule flights from Corfu to the surround islands, making it easy to move from island to island while you search for the perfect yacht.

Corfu is also one of Greece’s most beautiful places, being the source of most of Greece’s produce and also the island with the highest annual rainfall. Corfu is immortalized in Homer, as Odysseus’ last stop before returning home to Ithaca. In the epic poem, Odysseus describes it as beautiful and rich, which is definitely still true today.

The island is also the site of Greece’s one and only cricket field, brought to Corfu by the British during the nineteenth century.

Gouvia Marina

This beautiful marina is 6 km from the town of Corfu, and only 7 km from the airport. The area has long been the link between the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea. The marina’s location makes it ideal for sailing around the islands and visiting the small Greek villages and towns on the mainland.

The marina has room for 1100 boats, as well as half that number in dry docking facilities. The docks can accommodate boats up to 80 meters long and 5.5 meters draught, for either a one-night stay or an extended period of time. The marina has 24-hour accessibility, and is fully equipped with electricity, water, and safety measures for all sizes of boats. With four different travelifts, as well as a dedicated transportation vehicle, there is nowhere easier to dry-dock or store your boat.

If you need any repairs, from upholstery to underwater hull repairs, the Gouvia Marina has experts that can take care of your boat or yacht. There are also facilities that make it possible for owners to maintain their own boats, with covered shelters and readily available dry-docking locations.

In the area of the marina, there are shops, car rentals, restaurants, bars, cafes, as well as a dedicated Port Police station, fuel accommodations, laundry, shower, and WC facilities. For live aboard families, there is even a kindergarten in the area, not to mention a swimming pool and numerous sports arenas.

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