Amel 52 – Buyers Testimonial

Just before Christmas 2020 my husband and I found the yacht of our dreams – one that was affordable to us, in superb condition and the exact make and model that we wanted.  We were so impressed with the way that Williams and Smithells handled the entire process on behalf of the seller.  Emails were responded to promptly and Mark was enormously helpful with every aspect of our purchase.

This is our first yacht and we are absolute newbies, so we really appreciated the hand-holding.  I wanted to see the actual boat before purchasing and, although it was a challenge to get from the UK to the marina in Greece, I was delighted that Williams and Smithells had a branch right there and could send somebody to introduce me to the owner and process all the paperwork.

In little over a month we went from making an offer to taking ownership of our dream yacht – all done at the height of Coronavirus; a remarkable achievement, in no small measure due to the experience and efficiency of the Williams and Smithells team.  I highly recommend them.

K&D. M

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News Posted February 2021