Can we define what adventure is? By Pete Goss – Garcia Yachts

Garcia Yachts – Pete Goss Chronicle 4

British adventurer and sailor Pete Goss shares his experience after numerous expeditions he managed – and had success in – in remote areas and high latitudes, mainly in the Arctic zone. Although being 1997 ISAF World Sailor of the Year, Pete is not only a sailor but also a real all terrain adventurer, in Arctic zone for instance, as you can easly admit by reading this fourth paper of his chronicle he friendly accepted to write in exclusivity for Garcia Yachts.

I don’t quite remember when we decided to go to the North Pole but I do recall, like most good idea’s, that the notion presented itself from the bottom of a good bottle of red.

Alan Chambers and I had been planning an expedition to the South Pole for about a year when he was asked to guide a trip to the North Pole. First seen as a distraction it quickly morphed into an exciting opportunity when it struck us that I could go as his back up. This would be our first joint foray into a new and hostile environment without cost. Alan, a master in this line of challenge, would pass on as much knowledge as I could absorb. At the same time we could start to develop our approach to tackling the south pole by levering our newly discovered strengths and weakness’s as a team

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In Case you missed it Chronicle 3 is below – Can we define what adventure is? By Pete Goss – Garcia Yachts

For this third article I have been asked by Garcia to explore the following theme’s; What is adventure? Is danger necessary to feel pleasure? How to make adventure safe? Why blue water sailing as a couple or a family is a project you can afford?… here we go.

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