Fantastic Testimonial – Happy Purchasers

We have recently purchased our next sailboat through Williams & Smithells, We highly and warmly recommend them.

It wasn’t an easy nor a straight forward purchase, on the contrary this was a heavily international transaction on all accounts:  we were in Romania, the boat was in Greece within a shipyard, our contact from Williams & Smithells was in the UK and the sailboat owner was in the US all this during a Pandemic! Williams & Smithells response time was literally minutes, every day we corresponded and talked, they were consistent across weeks of discussions and sorting different aspects for us. Their support, patience to explain in detail and guide us at every step and phase was truly professional if not in fact exceptional. Furthermore, we paid the sailboat while some paperwork was still in progress. At that point we were a little worried that now things might drag on but to our surprise Williams & Smithells not only continued to support us fully, they ensured that everything happened promptly and with a successful outcome for all parties involved. We have been pleasantly surprised to experience such integrity and business conduct.”

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News Posted August 2020