Garcia Yachts – February News Letter

Time for sailing

Winter has been an opportunity to work hard at the Garcia Yachts shipyard on the delivery of our boats, and to also develop new ways to meet with us and get involved in the Garcia experience online. Let’s go sailing!

#1 - What makes a sailing boat an expedition one?

Whats the difference between your average cruiser and a blue water exploration boat? Pete Goss offers a deep analysis of the practicalities for liveaboard world cruising. Centerboard or lifting keel, two rudders or one…get to the bottom of it with Pete in the latest article of this series.

#2 - Explocat 52 - Multihull of the Year Award

Vote for the Multihull of the Year! In the 45-55ft category, the Garcia Explocat 52 represents exciting new possibilities for cat sailors to explore without limits, from the northernmost latitudes to the most remote islands! Aluminum hulls, shallow draft, and an ultra-comfortable interior are just a few great features of the Garcia Exploration range now available to multihull sailors.

#3 - Register for E-days - March 24th to 27th

From March 24th-27th, we’re bringing you E-days, the virtual counterpart to our annual Yachting Rendez-Vous! Schedule one-on-one sessions with Cyrille to meet the team, tour the yard, and review new demo sailing footage created  from the perspective of the sailors on board!