Garcia Yachts – Pete Goss ‘Taking The Plunge’ Chronicle 1 (of 6)

“Taking the Plunge” is the first of six articles written by British sailor and author Pete Goss about choosing the Garcia Exploration 45 “Pearl of Penzance” and the cruising adventures that followed:

Tracey and I have many wonderful memories of our time on ‘Pearl of Penzance’ including the exhilaration of arriving in Antigua after an Atlantic crossing. It was late afternoon and the softening sun gifted a stunning rainbow to mirror Tracey’s exuberant smile. That night we sat in the cockpit, wafted by an exotic tropical breeze and shared a bottle of bubbly that the kids had given us to celebrate a special moment.

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Video of Pete’s tour of the Garcia Exploration 45v – No Where You Can’t Go !

News Posted January 2021