Inspecting Yachts in Greece- Lefkas & Preveza

Thinking of buying a yacht in Greece and cruising round the many beautiful island ? then starting in the Ionian, Lefkas area where we have a full time Ionian yacht sales office in the Marina is the way to do it.  But how are you going to get there ?

There are direct flights in to Preveza Airport from many European hubs (UK, Holland, Germany, Scandinavia, etc.)
Fly to Preveza (also known as Aktio Airport just outside Lefkas):
There are flights from London, Manchester.
Preveza (Aktio) Airport is just 20 minutes from Lefkas. (€35 taxi)
The charter flights into Preveza & Corfu start end March/April depending on Greek Easter then finish at the end of October.
From the UK charter flights usually fly on Thursdays and Sundays mainly from London or Manchester.
Sometimes there are single seats available

Flights to Greece to inspect yachts
Click here for Preveza prices from London
Charter Flight Center
0208 714 0010

Fly to Athens:
From the UK there are daily flights to Athens on budget airlines with a choice to hire a car and drive up on good roads taking 4-5 hours.

Take the coach.
1. Coach from Athens direct to Lefkas (new terminal 5 min walk to Marina) –
From Athens Airport the #92 bus takes you to the bus station (approx €3 ) taxi takes 40 mins cost approx €35.
Coaches are regular the first at about 7.00 am 4 or 5 trips per day in season.  Cost €30 each way.

2. Hire car at Athens airport and drive to Lefkas (around 4 1/2 hours): a week’s hire unlimited mileage should be around Eur 250 ish for budget car.
Again – route Athens to Lefkas is very easy & direct.
Many car hire companies provide road maps and some a sat nav too.
Fly to Corfu:
Flights from London, Bristol, & Newcastle.
Corfu airport to Corfu Ferry – 10 minutes & around Euros 10 in a taxi direct to the ferry port.
Local ferries run (pretty well) every hour from early morning to late at night & take you to Igoumenitsa on the mainland. (around 1 ½ hour journey).

Then from Igoumenitsa to Lefkas by either; bus, taxi or hire car. It is a swift hour’s drive or a comfortable 1 ½ hour drive straight down the coast – one road, you can’t go wrong.
Best would be to have a hire car booked for collection in Igoumenitsa (car hire places usually easy walking distance from the ferry port).
If you have a hire car straight from Corfu airport then you pay around Euros 36 to take it across to the mainland on the ferry rather than around Euros 7 as a foot passenger (each way).

Igoumenitsa is around 100km from Lefkas – easy managed only one road all the way beyond Preveza and one left turn at Agios Nikos to Lefkas.

Fly to Thessaloniki:
Around a 4 hour drive to Lefkas (or a 5 hour coach journey) but the route is straightforward.
Getting to Lefkas to purchase your new yacht just got easier.

If you are limited for time and can only be in lefkas for a couple of day to view a specific of even selection of yachts then you will probably already know that flying direct to Preveza is out of the question on the basis that the your minimum stay before returning is 7 day with the use of the charter flights
However if you are not adverse to an earlier start and can get to Gatwick for 04.00 then an easyjet flight from Gatwick to Corfu could be the answer.

Vlicho Bay Greece
With a new service by sky express from Corfu airport leaving at midday on Thursdays Saturdays and Sundays will now allow those on a tight schedule to (if necessary) get to Lefkas and leave 1,2 or three days later

How to do it:
Thursday departure
Easyjet 05.55 form Gatwick to Corfu arriving 11.00 local time (prices vary)
Sky Express 12.10 Preveza arriving 12.40 (Euros 55.00)
Taxi to Lefkas Marine (Euros 35.00)

Saturday return
Taxi to Preveza Euros 35
Sky Express 10.05 Preveza to Corfu arriving 10.30
easyjet (if you’re brave you can book in on the 11.40) or the alternative is 23.40

Sunday return
Taxi to Preveza Euros 35
Sky Express 10.05 Preveza to Corfu arriving 10.30
easyjet (if you’re brave you can book in on the 11.40) or the alternative is 23.40

Sky Express – internal hopper flights in Greece
Click here for bookings and routes

SkyExpress Hoppers
Buses to Lefkas from Athens
To get from Athens airport to the bus station [which is on Kifissou], you can get a taxi for 20-30 euros [ask for the Kifissou bus station, and if the taxi driver looks blank, try asking for the Peloponnese bus station], or the X93 bus from outside the airport which is about 4 euros.
At the bus station, the Lefkada buses have their own little ticket office — leave the main foyer behind you, go out into the area where all the buses are, then go right and it’s on your right. The ticket office opens about half an hour before the bus. There’s a lot of jostling, so don’t be shy or you’ll miss your turn!
Click here for bus routes to Lefkas and within the local area.

Local information:
Information on the area can be found in many places but the Ionian Magazine is useful for lots of local information
Click here for info

Skymaps of Lefkas
Click here for interactive maps of the area

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