Inspecting Yachts with Williams & Smithells – June 2020 onwards

The slow and staggered release from lockdown in various countries along with with travel and flight restrictions does mean that inspecting our yachts from the UK through the Med to our office in Lefkas, Greece will be very different and more challenging than ever before.   We have seen a boom in interest and requests in the last few weeks to inspect or book future inspections/surveys, which is great news and we look forward to helping you realise your next yachting dream to escape over the horizon.

Should you wish to inspect any of our yachts we will send you our terms and inspection protocols which must be followed and speak with you over the phone to ensure everything is clear and understood.

If you feel you would be putting yourself or anyone else at risk of infection from any procedure involving your viewing of any of our listed yachts, then you should NOT continue with your plans.

Whilst we welcome the fact that you are interested in our yachts and possibly want to inspect, please only do so if you are genuinely serious and in a position to purchase should it be the right yacht.  At present with new inspection protocols it is vital for the safety of all that casual viewings are not undertaken.  It is a risk to yours and our health, the Covid-19 virus has not gone away. (Click here for ABYA inspection Guidelines for Clients)

Looking to buy a yacht, (Click here for our guide to the buying process) our comprehensive yacht details are available online through a multitude of major yachting portals 24/7, you can research our listings a leisure, contacting us at any time. (Click here for our Yachts For Sale)

Thinking of selling (Click here to find out how to sell your yacht through W&S) we have all the advice and forms for your to complete at our finger tips. Other than perhaps physically inspecting and taking photos/videos we can prepare full details, check all aspects of ownership/title and once complete set your boat details live to be viewed by thousands. (Click here for Client Testimonials)

For up to date information on new listings and price changes please ‘Like’ us on our Facebook page, click here.

Selling Yachts Professionally and Safely.

News Posted June 2020