Jimmy Cornell is off again ‘Elcano Challenge’

Blue Water Eco Cruising on Jimmy Cornell’s latest yacht Aventura Zero and Outremer Catamaran (Outremer build the impressive Cats and are part of the Grand Large Yachting Group for which we represent Allures Yachting and Garcia Yachts in the UK)

This world cruising Cat has ‘pioneering electric regeneration system’ and is spreading the Green eco message across the world on this voyage.

To Quote Jimmy “in the light winds and sparkling seas of the Mediterranean, Aventura Zero seduced us all with her clean lines, her speed and comfort, and as we slipped back into the marina, the cat-like purr of the all-electric propulsion system. I recalled the days of my sailing childhood when the noise of the diesel motor deafened everything. It is good to see that the future is coming when we’ll leave these noisy and polluting fossil fuels behind us at last”

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