New Allures 40.9 from Allures Yachting


Allures 40.9 A PERFORMANCE SAILING BOAT   Elegance “à la française”

The qualities of the Allures 40.9 are based on many years of experience and innovation that have shaped the DNA of the Allures Yachting yard. Starting with our patented technology that combines the performance of composite superstructures with the safety of aluminium hulls, which has become the trademark of Allures yachts today. Our partners, the naval architecture team at Berret-Racoupeau, have created a modern hull by adding to the solidity of the aluminium with beam, power and maximum length at the waterline. Thus more efficient, the Allures 40.9 is free to take you quickly to the far side of the world. From slipping along under trade winds to reach paradise islands, to wandering through the fjords of Scandinavia, there are many sailing experiences to choose from. Its large charging capacity and large diesel tank also ensure a perfect autonomy that will give you even more freedom.

A centreboarder with aluminium hull, ease of handling, efficiency, twin helms, visibility from the saloon, profiled appendages, large storage volumes, technical room, separate shower, double chart table, sugar scoop lockers, saloon with sea view… All designed to provide you with absolute comfort whether under way or at anchor.

As a guarantee of safety, reefing is carried out from the cockpit. Spacious and deep, it offers optimum ergonomics, both at anchor and for sail handling and trimming. The location of the winches makes it possible to position yourself perfectly, whatever the sea state.

But the Allures 40.9 is not just an ergonomic yacht that makes sailing easier, it is also an elegant sailboat with exceptional lines and a great design both inside and out.

Key elements of the specifications



  • Centreboard for freedom

  • Twin rudders for stability and control

  • Ergonomic cockpit for long distance


  • Forward and side windows provide exceptional light and 270° visibility

  • High-end interior design for an enjoyable life on board at anchor and a functional one at sea

  • Large storage capacity for self-sufficiency


  • Aluminium hull for unsurpassed impact resistance

  • Watertight forward bulkhead in aluminium

  • All sail handling manoeuvres led back to the cockpit


  • Composite deck for its ergonomics, lightness, insulating properties

  • Wide, load-carrying hull for its form stability and performance

  • Aluminium rear arch to optimise peripherals: antennas, solar panels, dinghy

  • Modern rigging for performance and ease of use

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News Posted February 2019