New Allures 45.9 delivery of in Cherbourg

Last week saw another Allures 45.9 the latest edition to the Allures family hit the water with this particular yacht boasting what could be one of the most sophisticated and comprehensively equipped example of her type.


With her owners itinerary being more or less a blank canvas (with the exception of the transatlantic) they wanted to ensure their boat was ready to take on all types of conditions from Caribbean island hopping to Artic excursions and everything in between.

DSC05832 DSC05855 DSC05879

Whilst the brief itself was not especially uncommon for the Allures team  it is less standard to have such a vast range of equipment installed right from the start with many items being sourced by the owners and fitted at their request.

DSC05857However the timeframe was such that a shake down period was not an option and being able to retrofit additional equipment at their leisure was also off the cards

With Allures never one to shy away from a challenge they met this head on and managed to overcome various obstacles throughout the build.

Numerous visits to the factory to include multiple meetings with the design team and engineers gave the owners peace of mind and also provided them with a better knowledge and understanding of their yacht as well as its operating systems.

DSC05888 DSC05904 DSC05882

The departure date is just a couple of day away, time only for final preparations, provisioning and last minute system checks before casting off the lines.


Good luck to you both, have a fantastic adventure!

News Posted October 2017