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The number one Exploration Sailboat – Garcia Yachts – ‘NOWHERE YOU CAN’T GO’


Over the past forty years, Jimmy Cornell has logged hundreds of thousands of nautical miles; the Garcia shipyard has built the most emblematic boats for offshore cruising; and Berret Racoupeau has designed just as many. The coming-together of these three could only give rise to a sailboat with a distinct character, which was to become the Exploration 45.

The first of a line dedicated to sailing all the seas of the world, whether high-latitude or tropical, it is obviously made of aluminium and is a centreboarder. With twin rudders, the control in rough seas and the smoothness of handling are simply exceptional.

All sailing manoeuvres are grouped together in the cockpit, which is particularly well protected by its innovative cap with a view forward. Moving around on deck remains particularly safe, with handrails always within reach and sturdy granny bars. This allows for easy access to the forward sail locker, separated from the rest of the interior by a watertight bulkhead, the ideal complement to the aft technical room.

Inside, the audacity of the layout quickly becomes convincing, with the intelligence of the solutions provided. The deck saloon offers an unexpected panoramic view of the sea: the privilege of comfortably enjoying the exceptional landscapes that surround you. Safety, always keeping a visual eye on your route, while controlling it from the interior watch-keeping position. Available in two or three cabin versions, the interior benefits from remarkable cabinet-making skills. The warmth of Afrormosia, or the brightness of light oak – all you have to do is choose which.

Key elements of the specifications – FROM POLAR EXPLORATION TO THE TROPICS

Aluminium centreboarder
Chain locker centred at the mast foot
Twin rudders (JEFA system on self-aligning bearings)

Deck saloon with panoramic view
Watchkeeping position, with good visibility forward
Generous storage spaces throughout the boat

Watertight companionway door
Forward and aft bulkheads in aluminium
Through-hulls above the waterline

All essential sail-handling done from the cockpit
Reinforced stem
Integrated arch for: instruments, solar panels, wind generator, dinghy

Naval architecture
Under autopilot or from one of the two wheels that always offer the ideal position, the twin rudders, protected by skegs, control the generous hull effortlessly and precisely, whatever the wind and sea conditions.

Designed by Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design, the modern hull works wonders in every aspect of long-distance cruising: power, load capacity, crew protection and smooth passage through the sea. The latter is in particular the result of a very careful centring of weight, for instance having the chain locker at the mast foot.

The sail plan is particularly well balanced, and is easily adaptable with the staysail set on its furling system and all the reefing lines returning to the cockpit, then for downwind work with code zero, gennaker or asymmetric spinnaker on the solid platform bowsprit.

The ergonomics of sail handling combine ease and efficiency, the result of experience and specific work on the deck layout. Everywhere, you feel both safe and closely connected to your environment.

Interior design
This serenity is even more evident inside. Bringing together all the essential functions in 45 feet was a challenge. The success is that this is immediately forgotten once you’ve gone through the solid watertight door of the companionway.

Only two steps from the outside, you are welcomed into a real cocoon with a view of the sea. Thermal and sound insulation of the hull and windows protect you from the elements. Note that Sébastien Roubinet, an extreme adventurer in high latitudes, supervised the design of the boat’s thermal insulation.

Between the watertight bulkheads, forward, separating you from the sail locker, and aft, which isolates the steering gear, the layout extends in a logical and comfortable fashion. Deck saloon, helm station with panoramic view, large galley, two cabins and as many bathrooms, one with separate shower, a large technical room with workshop (or a third cabin), there is nothing missing. Moving around, resting, preparing, sharing, or simply enjoying the trip is a joy every day.

The Exploration 45 is offered in two layouts Standard & Comfort:

The Standard Version comprises of a forward master cabin, with private bathroom, a double cabin to port in the aft, and a bathroom and technical area to starboard in the aft. Deck saloon with 270° panoramic view, forward facing chart table with inside steering position, and galley with storage in the forward passageway.

The Comfort Version comprises of a forward master cabin, with private bathroom, a double cabin to port in the aft, a large bathroom with separate shower and technical area to starboard in the aft. Deck saloon with 270° panoramic view, forward facing chart table with inside steering position, and galley with storage in the forward passageway. The lower area in the passageway is transformed into a bunk.

Layouts are available in .pdf format in the “Brochure” tab:

Length: 14.21 m
Bmax: 4.44 m
Draft: 1.14/2.90 m
Displacement 14.1 T
Offshore category: 6/8 personnes
Onshore category: 6/8 personnes
Engine: 55/75 CV
Water Capacity: 500 L
Architect: Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design

Key Specification Elements:

  • Integral aluminium centreboard
  • Deck salon with 270° visibility and inside steering position
  • Watertight companionway door
  • Watertight front bulkhead
  • Watertight aft bulkhead with watertight hatches to access the stern compartments from the aft cabins
  • All through-hull fittings made of welded aluminium – All valves positioned above sea level
  • Double glazed salon windows, one opening above the galley
  • Coachroof extends beyond the windows and acts as an awning to prevent the greenhouse effect due to the sun
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation above waterline of automotive-grade polyethylene foam panels (77mm hull, 37mm deck)
  • Insulated floor (thick foam core)
  • Chain locker centrally positioned at the foot of the mast – Electric windlass located in locker below deck just ahead of the mast
  • Centrally located large capacity tanks – Water and fuel tanks can be ballasted port / starboard
  • Centrally located service battery set
  • Generous stowage space available throughout the boat
  • Forefoot chainplate for towing and ice breaking
  • Integrated aft arch for electronics, wind generator, solar panels and use as davits
  • 2 rudder configuration JEFA self-aligning bearings to ensure optimal control in heavy seas
  • Large aft platform with easy access to / from the water
  • Liferaft stowage in locker accessible for launch from aft platform
  • Essential lines controlled from the cockpit

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