Exploration 60


In response to our clients who, having experienced the Exploration 52, see themselves onboard a larger yacht, Garcia Yachts has once again worked with Olivier Racoupeau to create the Exploration 60. So why a 60-footer? Because without doubt, it’s offering greater range, more stowage and even more refined comfort, while remaining – like the rest of the range – easy to handle for a couple without a crew, because everything is immediately to hand for the helm.

Quite clearly, the designer has carried forward the DNA of previous Exploration yachts into our new flagship: the Exploration 60 is designed and optimised to sail anywhere in real comfort to unusually high safety standards. So on this yacht, you’ll find the deck saloon with a panoramic view that makes sheltered watchkeeping much easier from a true wheelhouse, the detailed attention paid to insulation with double glazing and insulated door, centralised weight distribution and external watch positions protected beneath the fixed canopy. As its name suggests, the Exploration 60 is all about exploring the most remote destinations: every function that makes mooring easier and safer is standard, including a davit for the tender, a water level platform for direct access to the sea and additional integrated mooring lines.

Being significantly longer than the 52, our new Exploration offers even more, with significant doghouse provided by its aft canopy, a cockpit separated into a helming position and a relaxation area, a sundeck – because the Exploration 60 is also designed for tropical cruising – a galley worthy of any home, and a lounge space in the saloon.

The Exploration 60 will be offered in three layouts: two-, three- or four-cabin. The big bonus of the two-cabin version is an large owner’s cabin aft. The interior is still at the design stage, but you will feature all the impeccable quality of finish and expertise you’d expect from Garcia. We also plan to offer a choice of two wood finishes.

  • Version Family 4 cabins
  • Owner Version 2 cabins
Length: 19.50 m
Maximum Beam: 5.40 m
Draft: 3.65/1.50 m
Displacement 35 T
Main sail: 90 m2
Solent: 82 m2
Engine: 180
Water Capacity: 800 L
Architect: Cabinet Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design
  • Integral aluminium centreboard for shallow waters
  • Deck saloon with 270° visibility and internal steering position
  • Watch protected position / pilothouse in the front of the cockpit with forward view
  • Watertight companionway door
  • Watertight forward aluminium bulkhead
  • Watertight aft aluminium bulkhead with watertight hatches to access the stern compartments from the aft cabins
  • All through-hull fittings made of welded aluminium – all valves positioned above waterline
  • Double glazed saloon windows, with side opening – coachroof extends beyond the windows acting as a sun-awning
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation above waterline using automotive-grade polyethylene foam panels
  • Insulated floor (thick foam core)
  • Chain locker centrally positioned at the foot of the mast – windlass located in locker below deck just forward of the mast
  • Centrally located large capacity tanks – water and fuel tanks can be ballasted port/starboard
  • Centrally located service battery set
  • Generous storage space available throughout the boat
  • Forefoot chainplate for towing and ice breaking
  • Integrated aft arch for electronics, solar panels, dinghy
  • Twin aluminium rudder configuration to ensure optimal control in heavy seas with protective skeg and sacrificial end-fitting
  • Large aft platform with easy access to/from the water
  • Liferaft stowage in locker accessed from aft platform
  • All essential lines controlled from the cockpit, cockpit design for manoeuvring with just one crew
  • Large cockpit, protected by dodger, with sun deck

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