Sold – Amel 46 Testimonials

This mail is sent to Williams & Smithells as a recognition for the great value of their service.

I wanted to thank you very much for your professionalism, your help all along, your friendship, and the quality of your service.

Now when somebody will tell me that a yacht is long to sell, I will tell him: Go talk to these guys in Williams & Smithells !

As the previous owner of a French flag Amel 46 feet sitting in Greece, I have been impressed by the speed and the rigorous process that you have developed to complete this sale.

All started in the Lefkas Marina’s office when I was thoroughly explained how a sale is conducted in several mandatory steps whose purpose is to ensure the best guaranty as well to the seller as to the buyer.

The first step consists in providing a yacht listing extremely complete. After that the machine starts working. And after a few days the add is published worldwide on numerous supports.   This was expected.

But when after only three weeks you told me that you had found a buyer coming from the other side of the world to check and accept the yacht, it was hard to me to believe it.

However, this happened and today most of the money lays on my account. The only thing going wrong is this Coronavirus who came up and is preventing to proceed to the final delivery since nobody can travel today.

However, nobody is responsible and we just must wait.

I wish you the best, especially by these challenging times.

See you at the final delivery.

Best regards a Happy seller


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