Testimonial – Beneteau 423 Successfully Sold

Beneteau 423 Sold (2022)

Would I recommend Williams and Smithells to another yachtsman selling their pride and joy?

Yes I would!


Testimonial re sale of  Beneteau 423 by William and Smithells Ltd

Our sale began in Spring 2021 with a call to Mark Ellyatt in Portchester U.K.

Right from the start we were provided with full information and advice. This was needed as at the time she was out of the water on Aegina island, near Athens and we had to decide where to sell, when to sell how to sell etc. The international dimension of W&S ( which meant we could communicate easily with the U.K. base and then the salesman in Greece plus W&S could use their international clout re marketing ) was a key factor in our choice of broker.

With COVID infection rates lessening we flew out to Athens in August 2021 for our farewell cruise – Aegina to Lefkas – with the intention of listing for sale with Williams & Smithells based in Lefkas marina.

In Lefkas we met Stephen McIntosh who again gave us professional advice re value, preparation and the sale process. We flew back to the U.K. and she was left in the water and went up for sale in September.

It was not a straight forward sale. Twice we “ had a buyer” and agreed a price. We even signed the contracts. Twice we the owners and W & S the brokers were messed about as two apparently enthusiastic buyers changed their mind citing business problems/partner problems. Throughout we were kept fully informed and so never felt that W & S had failed us or been at fault.

Third time lucky buyer three was found in mid November (only 2 months after listing ). The buyer lived in Colorado, we were in England and the yacht in Greece. What could go wrong? Well actually nothing! Negotiations, contracts, movement to the yard, lift out, survey, deposit, legal papers and completion followed. Again all was dealt with quickly, professionally and when necessary proactively by Mark and Stephen with us being kept in the picture throughout.

Would I recommend William and Smithells to another yachtsman selling their pride and joy. Yes I would!

Tim S

Norfolk, England.